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Boulevard Encroachments and Street Safety

Boulevard Encroachments 
Placing items in the right-of-way (R.O.W.) or public boulevard (generally 12-15 feet from the road or to the sidewalk) is restricted to ensure safe and efficient vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Large plantings, basketball hoops, decorative structures, fences and other obstructions are not allowed in this area. Sidewalks may not be blocked. (City Code 25) Please refer to Diagram 1 below for standard property lot encroachments.

Street Safety
For the safety of pedestrians and traffic, children and adults should not play in the streets or obstruct traffic. Please use city parks for sports and recreation activities. Cross-walks and intersections should be used for crossing streets. Individuals who obstruct traffic or don’t use safe procedures when crossing the street may be arrested or fined.

Standard Property Lot Encroachments